About Us


Who We Are?

In 1951, Galvanolyte was established in Mexico City, since then, we have been the integral solution for quality and service needs by offering chemical products and equipment for the electroplating, metal finishing and polishing industry in Mexico.

Our company is conformed by professional experts, supporting our customers with state of the art equipment and the highest quality products. Through our field offices, pilot plant, warehouse, laboratories and logistic network, we cover our customers’ needs nationwide and internationally.

In more than 66 years, we have strongly consolidated in the market, keeping our mission, vision and values as foundations for our development and ever since, we strive every day to continue being leaders and at the top of the industry.

Galvanolyte is characterized by the constant creation of new projects for the benefit of the electroplating industry. No doubt, we are the best choice!

To contribute to the development, growth and success of our customers, by putting at their disposal, products and services of the highest quality and best technical support from our professional and expert team, and managing the business in order to generate value to our customers and company.

To be the best Mexican company acknowledged by our customers and providers, as leader in products, services, solutions and support in the electroplating industry.

  • Focus on business development, continuously delivering concrete results for the company.
  • Highlight the difference in what we do, through our passion for winning, and creating gaps within our competitors with discipline, quality, experience, service and innovation, and always customer focused.
  • A constant improvement towards excellence in the way we work.